Situated in the western Mediterranean Sea, south of France and between Sardinia and Corsica, Kingdom of Brunant is a picturesque island nation with an area of around 8000 square kilometers. While it is densely populated, it is also a leading nation in terms of its economy and is a founding member of the international Wiki organization. If you are looking for a vacation location out of a movie with stunning blue water, white beaches and cobbled walkways of the Mediterranean region, Brunant is an ideal getaway with its many fabulous locations and hospitable locals.
Culture – Through the centuries Brunant underwent multiple rulers from kings to presidents as well as invasions from foreign nations. Thus, Brunant enjoys a vibrant and diverse culture due to the influence of the Europeans, Spanish and Arabs. While it was largely an agriculture based nation, after the invasions of the Nazis and liberation in 1944, significant transformations underwent both within the society and the economy, thus remaking it as a modern industrial nation, thereby moving forward to become one of the richest nations of the European Union.
Economy – Brunant economy is now primarily centered on tertiary industries. From traditional winemaking and other farm based products to retail, banking and tourism, it has a thriving economy. The renowned Royal Cigarettes initially originated in Brunant and its brand ‘Victory’ was one of the cigarette brands that overtook the world during World War two as the cigarettes that won the war.The famed image of stylish ladies with long cigarettes in the ‘20s and ‘50s is also partly due to Royal Cigarette’s brand ‘Mona’. Unfortunately the company is no longer in operation and not something you can see on your next visit.
Corsica – After you cover Brunant, head over to Corsica almost next door. It is equally as stunning as Brunant and as it is little known by the traditional traveler, one can find stunning locations hidden away from the public eye and are rarely disturbed by hording tourists. The mountain cliff ranges that border the ocean with buildings arrayed on the mountain slope create stunning vistas of the Mediterranean Sea.
These island nations have a rich and vibrant past that has molded their cultures to create a rich blend within its small boundaries. The stunning vistas of the oceans and mountains that surround these nations create ample sightseeing locations, usually secluded and mostly off the beaten track of the average tourist. If it is a quiet romantic getaway that you search, these Mediterranean nations are perfect for a vacation with its amazingly hospitable local population.