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Finding The Right Job For The Right Kind Of Talent

It has always been an age old problem to find the right job for the skills and talents one possesses. Sometimes you end up unemployed, underpaid or unappreciated at your work place. One of the main reasons for such conditions is that you have not selected the type of job that extracts and harness your true potential. If you end up doing a job you are not good at, dislike or don’t know how to perform its duties and responsibilities then there is no wonder I you are miserable and your bosses are miserable with your performance at work.

So understanding and truly harvesting your talents are the way to go. But how does one understand what type o a talent/ interest they have and even if they do manage to identify it how does one get the right kind of job for it? Beggars can’t be choosers right? Everyone wants to engage in a good profession, be successful, be famous and be rich. But not everyone has that kind of a job right? Well, actually you are wrong there. You see every job has true potential in it and it is the way you see it and perform it that will make that transition from a seemingly uninteresting and stagnant job to a successful career.

First things first. Identify your true potential. There is no one better in this world to understand your true potential than you yourself. Others can comment (For an example phrases like “hey you seem to be really good at this” or “you have a natural talent at this kind of thing” etc.) but it is only you who truly know yourself. There is a slight difference between what you truly can and what you truly like. You may not be good at what you like and sometimes you may not like what you are truly good at. You must find a balance when faced with such kind of a dilemma. If you like what you are good at then, good for you because the road gets slightly easy when you don’t have to struggle to find middle ground between “like” and “can”.

Once you find out your true potential have a game plan. Have a five year or ten year plan (if you are a newbie) that covers all the possibilities highlighting where you want to go and when. Say or an example you want to be a qualified/successful interior design consultant in five years. You have to lay down the basic qualifications you need to achieve and when you are going to achieve it step by step.

The sky is the limit so dream big. But also be practical. You can’t achieve everything in one go. It takes time and sometimes a lot of experience and mistakes on the way too.