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How To Give Your Restaurant A Professional Look And Feel

A restaurant is a lot more work than people imagine it to be. it’s a place where order and speed matters a lot; and a place where being “professionally friendly” is expected. People tend to think that having a good menu with delicious food in it is a guarantee to a successful business; it’s not always so. While it’s true that serving good food is important, there are a few more factors that make a successful restaurant.
A clean and professional looking restaurant is one of such factors. And you need not be running a huge, multi chained restaurant to appear professional. Here are a few things that can make any restaurant feel professional and efficient; and in result, play a large part in its success.
The interior decorating, designing and the furniture of the restaurant
All of the above play a big part in not only making your restaurant appear more professional, but also in its success. Your restaurant’s furniture should be comfortable and practical. Furnish your restaurant with furniture that is easy to clean and maintain; ensuring that in the long run, it won’t end up looking shabby or splotched with food patches. The same goes for the decorations. Remember that your restaurant is bound to go through its share of accidents; so keep that in mind when you select your wall paint and tiles. Try not to select any hard to clean tiles for any part of the restaurant, as it will only be extra work for your employees. Use the best fit out companies in your country to ensure a professional finish.
How your restaurant’s employees look
Even the best fit out companies in Dubai won’t do your restaurant much good if your employees aren’t up to standard. Design a neat, yet comfortable uniform for your employees, in order to ensure that they look professional and efficient. Also, to make sure that your employees (cashiers, waiters and kitchen staff) are clean and neat at all times, provide them with one extra uniform than necessary—as spills and burns are common in restaurants. Ask your employees to wear practical shoes, as they will be on their feet most of their shift. Make it a rule that they have their hair tied back and neat; not only to give them a professional look, but to also ensure the hygiene of your food.
How your employees behave
Now that you have worked on how the restaurant and the employees look; work on how they behave as well. When you hire someone for your restaurant, give them a standard training. Teach them how to behave in general. Give them the protocol of how to deal with troublesome customers—when to be calm and firm, and when to call in the security. Tell them that they are to treat the customers with utmost respect, and that they need to be professionally friendly at all times. Often, people are more inclined to wait for their food if the service is pleasant.
If you manage to hit a combination of the three, then you would have aced this section.