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How To Prepare Your Car Correctly For Long Term Storing

For most people, a vehicle of their own probably felt like a rite to adulthood back when they finally bought it. Sure they’ve used other cars before, but it was never completely theirs. We are sure you’d be able to relate to the “I bought my own vehicle” thrill, as it’s quite a common feeling.

But the sad part about changes in life is that it’s never predictable. Career opportunities overseas, chances for long holidays away from your home, moving to different parts of the country are all grand in their own way; but can be a little inconvenient when you have to think of your vehicle. Most probably, you’d have to sell your vehicle, or at the least, leave it stored for a long period of time.

The unfortunate part is, your “rite to adulthood” might not perform as well as it does now, if you don’t take precautions to store it the correct way. Here are our tips to help you out in doing it so.

Give it one last checkup.

Getting a checkup or car diagnostics for a vehicle you don’t plan to use for a while might sound weird, but it’s a very good idea. Finding out your vehicle’s problems and eradicating them before they can become a bigger problem is one of the best ways to ensure your vehicle’s smooth performance for when you begin to use it once more.

The goodbye gift.

Just like the above, it’s also important that you give your vehicle one last servicing before you have it stored. This is to ensure that you don’t leave any stains, scratches or dirt in your vehicle for a long period of time; in which it can cause serious damage. Don’t forget the AC service as well. Think of it as a goodbye present to your beloved vehicle!

Fuel up.

No, this is not another gift to your car. A common issue in most stored cars is rust forming in the fuel tank. Filling up the fuel tank to the maximum is the best way to prevent rust from forming and it also prevents moisture from getting into the tank. And of course it’s obvious that you seal this tank properly as well.

Protect it from the sun.

The sun can unfortunately damage your vehicle rather extensively if your car is left outdoors for too long under it. It does a number on your paint, it damages your windshield wipers, it can damage your steering wheel and also your upholstery. The best way to prevent this is to park your vehicle indoors.

Trust us, even the best vehicle sun covers and windshield protectors are no match to the ruthlessness of the sun, if you leave your vehicle out for a long period of time.