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Main Roles Of The Health Authority

Government usually sets up ministries to look in to various activities and manage specific tasks of the public administration; they usually have a very bureaucratic style of working. The health authority is also one such place and comprises of directors who have powers and duties administered by various sources of law and order. These broadly fall in to five categories as mentioned.

AdministrationThe director administers health related programs and has the authority to hire and dismiss the health department’s employees. However, decisions based on top authority human service agencies will be further looked in to by the board of health and any other related parties. When hiring healthcare professionals, Abu Dhabi has stringent rules for validation such as possession of the health authority Abu Dhabi license. It is important to renew this license three months before expiry and failure would result in long bureaucratic procedures for rectification. Other duties include preparing the annual budget and accreditation documents.

Remedial actionIt is also the director’s responsibility to enforce public laws for health within his or her capabilities. If health laws are violated, they have the power to initiate civil or criminal cases against them. Usually by law it is mandatory for businesses selling prepared foods such as restaurants to acquire a health and safety training in Dubai for public consumption. There are various fines and penalties that can be imposed on failure of such.

Communicable and other disease control measuresCases of disease outbreaks that are communicable and contagious are investigated by the health authority on priority and preventive measures need to be immediately rendered with the director’s notice. More serious cases of isolation and quarantine will be dealt with more formal procedures. Other diseases like rabies will be controlled in accordance with the country’s public laws related to health. It is also the responsibility of the health authority to enforce laws and programs on public awareness of immunization of children.

Educating the publicThe public should always be educated on maintaining healthy lifestyles and promote health information to them on the benefits of good health by doctor license in Dubai. It is also important to promote organic food producers and also help sustainable businesses and local producers grow. Organic produce that is free from toxins, preservatives and harmful pesticides are the main cause of unhealthy foods in our diets. Thus, many western and Asian countries are moving towards organic foods. This would eventually get the public to consume healthy foods and take part in some form of exercise or physical activity and overall maintain a lifestyle that is beneficial all around for oneself and others.