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The Good And The Bad About Plastic Surgery

There is nothing quite as controversial as plastic surgery. Some say go ahead it is alright and others treat it like it is toxic waste. Regardless of which side of the argument you are in, you have to agree that there are benefits and drawbacks to plastic surgery. If it goes right you could look like Scarlett Johansson, if it goes wrong… well have you seen Donatella Vercase?

Simply put like everything else in this world plastic surgery is something you have to be careful about because it has two sides. You have the good and the bad. So you want to know what they are. Well look no further. They are right down below.

The Good

. You can alter aspects of your appearance you find unappealing. If you have a bulbous nose and you want it slimmed down you could visit the best rhinoplasty surgeon you can find and voila, nice nose. Not that there is anything wrong with a bulbous nose, all noses are pretty however if you wish to change it there s nothing wrong with that either.

. You can have an increase in self confidence. When you don’t like an aspect of yourself, you would believe that everyone else dislikes it as well. This reduces your self confidence and doesn’t allow you to behave as freely as you would like. When you alter that part of your appearance your confidence would increase again.

. If only the parts that require correction are corrected, you would look amazing. Some celebrities know this and thus do the bare minimum and then stop. Therefore the naturally beautiful aspects of their appearance will be retained and the pat that is changed just adds to the overall beauty.

The Bad

. If you go to a plastic surgeon who is not experienced or highly qualified, chances are you could look worse for wear. This is what happens to many of the people who suffer from botched plastic surgery. They go to someone who is inexperience or lack qualifications and they do a terrible job. So you would have looked better before the plastic surgery. Thus always go to an experienced plastic surgeon who can do the surgery very well. Even it costs a bit more, it is better to wait and get the procedure done than botch it up.

. You can get addicted. There are many people who have been addicted to plastic surgery. They would have done so many surgeries that afterwards they end up looking like a glammed up corpse. You should always keep in mind that you only want to get one or two things done and once you get it done and you look pretty, call it a day and leave. Do not go back. The best private hospital in Dubai would know when you are going overboard and will tell you to stop. However ones who just want the money will not bother and may even encourage you to continue.

Now that you know the good and the bad, be careful when getting the surgery done. If you do not want to do it then there is nothing wrong with it. If you want to do it, there is nothing wrong with that either. Just do what you would be happy doing but be careful because once something goes wrong, you might never be able to go back.