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Tips On Maintaining Your Appearance While Studying Abroad

Travelling abroad for studies is gaining popularity not only among students in Asian and African countries but within American and European countries as well. Many Universities have allocated a singular or multiple semesters where students travel abroad to study in a different country. Many exchange programs, scholarships and partnerships have been created between universities in different continents. While travelling to different countries in different continents might be exciting, at the same time it makes becomes difficult for students to maintain their appearance in the same manner they did in their home country.

Research before Travelling

Before you leave home for your semester abroad, take some time and research stylists that you can visit, products that are available for purchase and if it is possible to ship a certain hair or beauty product to the country where you will spend your international semester.If your skin is accustomed to a particular face wash and moisturizer, make sure that the product is available for purchase internationally. If not, trying out an entirely new face wash without any research might cause your skin to start breaking out, flaking or drying.

Look Around You

Sometimes you might feel like the price range in the new city with regard to cosmetics and style is significantly expensive compared to the prices in your own country. You might also feel that there might not be a place that caters to your type of hair or skin. However, you will be able to come across many places that attend to your particular style and are within your price range if you look around your town or city. You might be able to find an African hair salon Dubai, or maybe an inexpensive place to get a manicure done and even places where you can purchase clothing items for a low cost.

Go shopping!

If you are studying abroad and are interested in maintaining your appearance, it is recommended that you go shopping. No two countries (unless it’s a retail chain) have the same two items. What can be purchased in the United States can’t be purchased in Spain. Indulge and buy something culture specific that can be accessorized with even back home. If you are experiencing a different culture, try and blend in with the fashion and trend of the country. If your study semester is in an African country, you can dress according to the culture by going to an African hair salon to get your braids or Dubai hair extensions done, buying a traditional dress and shoes complete the outfit.

Try New Things

While it may be easier to stick to what you know, this is the best time to experiment with international beauty products and tips. If you are in a Mediterranean or Asian country, try experimenting with a homemade tropical facemask that you and your friends could try. Or you can visit a salon that provides local beauty treatments.