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Tips To Maintaining Patio Furniture

Your patio is prone to all the natural elements that come down, be it the raging sun, the icy cold snow or even heavy rain. While it is necessary for everything to look spic and span during any sort of entertainment, it is important that you have a proper regime set in place to make sure all the patio furniture is being properly taken care of, as they are bound to deteriorate over time when exposed to the elements. This depends on the quality of the furniture as well, therefore make sure everything is taken into consideration before setting a maintenance regime in place to keep everything spot free over a long period of time.


It is a given that the patio is not always used, and is only made fully use of when there are guests over and when you are entertaining. When this is the case make sure all the furniture is kept upright, and then effectively covered up so there will be no water accumulating, rather dripping along the sides. Using normal covers may not do the trick, therefore it is necessary that you purchase covers which are specially designed for these kind of furniture, and use them to have a proper fit.

Removing stains

Furniture, when kept outside are bound to get stained, and mind you these types of stains cannot be easily removed, thus necessary action needs to be taken. You do not have to contact any handyman services, rather you can opt to getting a pressure washer, and while on a low pressure set use it on the furniture to easily wash off any imperfection without damaging the material. Once the furniture is thoroughly washed it must be kept to air dry, and eventually start looking as good as new.


While it is alright to leave the furniture outside, it is too risky to keep the cushions out. Whether it is expensive or cheap, it only takes one rainstorm to practically ruin it forever. You do not need handyman services advice to know that precaution is always better than cure, therefore make sure you keep all cushions in a dry place inside the house. But if it has already been impacted, try to drain all the water out, and dry it so that it will have enough time to stop warping.


As much as the patio furniture is being affected during rainy seasons, the dry season equally affects it. As the environment starts getting hotter, the wooden furniture tends to crack, which is why it is recommended that every house owner must do their best in applying a good protectant on the furniture to keep it looking the best, without any cracks to be seen.

Having an effective maintenance regime in place, most individuals will be able to keep the patio in a good condition for a long time.